April 23, 2010


A new project! I'm a multi-tasker; must have more than a dozen projects going at one time.

This one I blame on my mother; she introduced me to the world of needle-felting last year when she bought a needle-felting machine and began creating amazing textile works of art. Very awesome, but it didn't seem like my medium, until... miniature needle-felted animals arrived on the scene! During our birthday celebration weekend Mom set me up with everything I needed to get started: needles, wool roving, pipe cleaners, foam pad and book full of beautiful felted animals.

This puppy is my first needled-felted project - It was not as fast as crocheting amigurumi, but the finished product is much smaller than I could achieve with crochet. I hope to be able to combine the two crafts in a future project.

Needle-felting is very sculptural; I started with a pipe cleaner wire frame, then just added wool roving and needled the f*ck out of it.

Roople's a big fan of the new puppy, too.

1 comment:

The Mighty RandR said...

Amazing! You could totally make those lamb (sheep?) figurines you found at the trunk show!

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