July 4, 2010

Party West Coast Style - Preparing

As mentioned, two weeks ago was Sara and Bobby's Engagement Party. Mike and I took the train up on Wednesday night and spent the next 4 days preparing to celebrate and then celebrating.

The party was at the Bayview Civic Hall in Bayview, WA - just a few miles away from Mom & Mark's house. The theme of the party was "Fiesta!".

On Friday we began the set-up process. While Mom and Sara made horchata and sangria, Susanna diced strawberries to go with the 100 sugar biscuits made by Sara and Mom earlier in the week.

Mike and I attached flowers and streamers on the stage and windows.

Sara and Bobby cut designs into the white plastic tablecloths to resemble papel picado.

Sara, in Ohio, and Mom, in Washington, both made bags full of paper flowers. We decorated the entire hall with them -including the "fiesta photo booth".

On Saturday morning, after an indulgent breakfast at Calico Cupboard, we three sisters went to Envy Salon to have our hair done by Heather.

Finally, we are ready to Fiesta!

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