July 15, 2010

Fourth of July: culinary adventures

On the 4th of July, Jessica, Bobby and his Mom came over for their first chance to use the pizza oven. Bobby was the genius behind the cob oven construction, so he was excited to use it, and to show it off to his mother. He also got quite attached to Mike's infrared thermometer...

While I prepped the pizza dough ahead of time, Jess and Bobby brought everything else for the meal (including some excellent beer from Ambacht). It was great to sit back and watch them work in my "kitchen".

Bobby brought a new dish to the table as well: cob oven roasted beets and carrots. The beets were boiled in vinegar and water for 25 minutes, then slightly smashed.

Beets have a great color - so visceral.

Then we threw them on a pan and popped them in the oven. They were fabulous - very sweet and tasty.

Creating pizza - lots of new toppings this time, including peaches, anchovies, yellow tomatoes and some excellent sausage from new seasons.

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