February 12, 2012

In case of an emergency...

One of my goals for 2011 was to compile an emergency bag for Mike and I. Living in the Pacific Northwest there is always the risk of an earthquake, and although they've been quite rare/mild so far, there has been talk of a "big one" in more recent years. It eases my mind (a little) to know that we've completed this goal. It makes me feel like we have some sort of "plan".

There are lots of online resources for the "necessary" items in an emergency kit. There are also lots of pre-packaged emergency kits available for purchase. I reviewed lots and lots of resources, and for awhile contemplated purchasing the ready-made kits. However, when I reviewed the cost of the kits, then factored in all of the extra stuff I'd have to buy to supplement it (to fit our specific needs), I realized that the cost wasn't any cheaper. Not only that, but I didn't get a choice of items in the ready-made kits, and some of the stuff was rather cheap looking.

That said, here is the list of items in our kit:

A lot of this stuff was purchased on Amazon, but some of it we already had on hand or was easy to pick up at the grocery store.

I haven't tested any of this yet (happily, no need) but while reading the reviews for these products I encountered lots of people who had tested them, which factored heavily in the purchase of specific brands.

Datrex 3600 Emergency food bars
Datrex Emergency Water packets

Water treatment tablets
Water bottle
collapsible drinking cup

Fire & Light

Hybrid solar-powered flashlights
Industrial-grade lightsticks
Bear Grylls fire starter
Waterproof Matches

Sanitation & Medical
Medique first aid kit 
Emergency Mylar blankets
Baby wipes
Pack towel (super absorbent)

Tube tent
Nylon rope

Swiss Army knife

Backpack to put everything in
Deck of cards

Things I still need to add
Old pair of glasses
Bucket (for carrying & for sanitation)

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The Mighty RandR said...

Great list Abby! I love the idea of emergency preparedness. Thanks for sharing :)

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