February 29, 2012

Susanna's Birthday Weekend

Last week Susanna had her 35th birthday! Thanks to Playmobil, She got flocked via text message.

Mike and I headed up to celebrate with her for an action-packed weekend, full of snow, smelt fishing, boat riding and even a little antiquing.

Like last year, our trip was anchored by the LaConner Smelt Derby. But unlike last year, this year the day was dry, and we even caught a couple fish (about 3 smelt and 1 herring total)!

 Not large enough to eat, nor to win the derby, but at least we caught something!

 This is Mike, reeling in his line to call it a day, 
and then realizing that he's had a tiny smelt on the line the whole time. 


After we had our fill of the Derby (oh, about 15 minutes in and I was done, but we did last for an hour or so) we headed over to hop on Clayton's new fishing boat. He's only had it in the water for about a week, and we were eager to check it out. He'll be shipping it up to Alaska soon and then he'll fly up to begin his fishing season next month.

We all piled in and cruised up and down the Channel. Clayton pulled a couple of 360's in the middle of the channel - that thing turned on a dime.



Aidan testing out a fish hold - when he goes up this summer it'll be one of his jobs to clean this hold out.

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