February 1, 2012

Handmade Birthday: Hamburger

Because I wasn't sure if the Toy Lamp for Aidan's birthday was going to turn out, I made him a second, back-up present. Susanna told me that Aidan had really been wanting a handcrafted hamburger, and he didn't care if it was crocheted, sewn or needle-felted. I decided to sew him one out of wool felt, using the pattern in Big Little Felt Universe (same source for the tools and fruit/veggie basket). This pattern was very easy to follow and worked up quickly - I got most of it done on a car ride to the coast and back. I omitted the onions because they looked a little bulky (but I figured a 9-year-old wouldn't be that interested in onions anyway).

For easy wrapping, I just encompassed it in a sheet of aluminum foil. 

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