March 2, 2012

More pillow covers

After completing the guest pillow covers for our office, I took a second look at the pillow covers in our living room (from Ikea) and decided that I was over them. So back to Bolt I went and I purchased the same fabric pattern but in a different color.

I had four square down pillow forms from Ikea that I intended to re-use, but our biggest complaint about them was that they were too flat. So I opened them all up and divided one bag between three others. This allowed them to all be a little bit bulkier. That said, I would not recommend doing this indoors, as opening up four down pillows makes quite a mess.

I decided to use a different technique on these pillows than the last ones (for learning purposes only). I followed the pattern in Sewing in a Straight Line to create zipper closures for the covers. After sewing all those bags for Christmas the zippers didn't pose much of a problem, and the way they were created was quite interesting (it involved a basting stitch over the zipper, which was ripped out later). This is the only pattern from the book that I've used so far, but I found it pretty easy to follow (the pattern was called "World's Easiest Zippered Throw Pillow", afterall). There are two quilts in the book that I would really like to make, which is why I bought it, but if you look like the model shown on the cover of the book, there are probably a couple dresses/skirts that you'd like as well.

The new pillows add a nice touch to our green couch (which was really punchy enough already), but Mike and I  have our eyes on a new charcoal couch cover, which if we ever purchase, will really make these new pillows pop!

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