March 31, 2012

Fabric Doll & Wardrobe

For Christmas my mom gave me an old sewing pattern from her stash:

While the concept is good, the pictures on the front didn't really depict the kind of doll that I was interested in. So I altered the feet came up with this:

A naked doll isn't that much fun to play with, however. So dug out my fabric scrap pile and got to work on creating a wardrobe. This part was too much fun:

Shorts, Wrap Top with snap closure  & a replica of my ubiquitous infinity scarf.

Striped boatneck shirt that I wish I had in my size.

Wrap dress, gray leggings and some green leather shoes.

Gray dress with a pearl buckle (and a risque neckline).

Cowlish-neck sweater with gray flannel pants and some kicky blue leather shoes.


Black boatneck shirt and leather belt paired with a corduroy skirt.

Summer dress, leather belt, infinity scarf and leather shoes

The doll's hair is a "wig" (it's removable and repositionable) and was crocheted out of yarn. Everything was made out of scraps (the beauty of working on such a small scale). This doll would be hard for smaller kids to play with though because it's about the size of a Barbie. My next venture will be to scale the doll up to about 18". I also hope to make additional changes to the arm placement, leg attachment and head shape.

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