April 9, 2012

Spring Break: Washington

For the past three weeks Mike and I have been on-and-off vacationing. It began in mid-March when we took off to Northern Washington for a week. Our first stop was my dad's house, in the woods of the Kitsap Peninsula.  Because I was still sick from the cold that never ends, I spent three days here:

Curled by the fire, sewing and reading, with a cup of hot water by my side.

Mike spent time in the shop working on our sink vanity for the upstairs bedroom, while Papa worked on the seats for his latest project: a wooden canoe.

He is caning his own seats for the canoe, which seams like quite a tedious process. The finished product looks beautiful though, and now he can add caning to his list of talents.

While I was curled by the fire Mike and Papa also spent some time in the basement brewing beer.

 Then we made Sharon a chocolate cake for her birthday!

After a few days at Papa and Sharon's, we headed further north to Birch Bay, where we rented a condo with Mom & Susanna for four days.

We spent that time sewing, crocheting, mosaicing and walking on the beach.

We wrapped the week up with antiquing in Bellingham and Anacortes, and some cider tasting at a winery in Mt. Vernon.

Despite being sick, it was a great week off and we made lots of progress on our various projects. It energized us enough to head back to work for a week before Spring Break 2: Portland!

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