January 6, 2012

Handmade Christmas: Bulk Food Bags

Staying away from zippers, but sticking to the bag theme, the last bags I made were 2 sets of bulk food bags for Sara & Bobby and Remi & Andrew.

I made the bags from unbleached cotton muslin and cotton drawstring in various colors. The drawstring bags are quite simple to make, but a little on the tedious side. Since I don't have a serger I used a zigzag stitch on all the inside seams after sewing the bags together with a regular straight stitch. I'm hoping this will prevent lots of little strings from intermingling with the oats.

The graphics were applied using freezer paper stencils and fabric paint/pens. I had varying degrees of success with the stencils (paint bled under the stencil in some areas) and as a result all of the graphics are outlined with fabric pens.

I bought the fabric paint from Michael's, and at the time they only had these very florescent colors. I would have preferred red, but the "berry pink" was the closest they had. I noticed that the paints I bought are no longer at Michael's, so maybe their new colors are better. I also know that our local shop Collage has a lot of fabric paint and pens.

I made a few extra bags, but I didn't have the energy to decorate them. I kept them for myself, and since they're smaller I'll use them when I purchase herbs, spices, nuts and seeds.

A little less plastic out there in the landfill!

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