January 11, 2012

Handmade Christmas: Freya's Kimono

It was my niece Freya's first Christmas, and even though she was only a month old, I couldn't leave her out of the homemade present line-up.

Since she's a little young to "enjoy" a present, I thought I'd make something that would be useful. That resulted in the decision to make a clothing item - my first attempt at clothes in over 10 years. I selected the Lucy's Kimono pattern out of Weekend Sewing*, which was a bust. The author left out instructions, and must have assumed that the inside seams would be serged because they looked horrible when left raw. After my first attempt I threw it aside (it'll now be doll clothing) and made it again, but this time I lined it with some nice soft gray flannel. It's a little large yet (Freya's still too small for newborn clothes!), but she should fit it sometime this late winter/early spring. And in the Pacific Northwest one can always use an extra jacket!

* Here is my Amazon review of this book - not recommended:
I've sewn two of the patterns from this book, and tomorrow it goes to Goodwill. Both of the patterns I used were missing information; crucial instructions were left out and the finished photos contained items that the pattern didn't call for. I was able to finish both pieces because I have enough sewing experience to make it work, but after finishing them it seems like the author made things more difficult than needed. I give this book three stars because it has some good ideas. Sadly, the instructions just weren't executed well. 

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