January 19, 2012

Handmade Christmas: Leather Bracelets

Earlier this Fall on one of our trips to Hood River I found a bracelet at the Ruddy Duck that perfectly went with my recent tunic purchase. It was $35 though, and I just felt like I could make it for less. Turns out I could, but it required a fair amount of effort. I ended up making two for myself, then two more for my sisters. Sara's is above in red and Susanna's is green.

The general materials are 8' - 9' of leather cord cut into 4" - 6" lengths (depends on wrist size and clasp length), cord clamps, small pieces of leather, clasp, heavy duty thread and a strong, yet thin needle. 

The leather strands are clamped together at each end and then the clamp is covered with two pieces of leather. I hand-sewed the leather together, and included a magnetic clasp.

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