January 21, 2012

Mount Baker Skiing

As mentioned, Mike and I finally got up to go skiing this year. We were thwarted last year; first in January during our trip to Bend, then again in February when our trip to Mt. Baker was canceled due to too much snow. As a result it's been quite a few years since we've been skiing/snowboarding. With Sara and Bobby in town over Christmas (avid skiers/boarders) and since our nephew Aidan wanted to learn to snowboard, we had plenty of motivation to get up the mountain this year.

On our first trip up we took Aidan with us so that his uncles could give him some lessons on snowboarding.

 Bobby gets Aidan suited up.

 Then shows him how it's done.

Aidan was a great listener and caught on quick.

While Mike and I took the first shift with Aidan on the Daisy Slope, Sara and Bobby took off for some runs.

We switched it up after lunch so that Mike and I could get a couple hours in. And a couple hours was all it took to wear us out.

 Our second day up at Mt. Baker, with several day's rest in between, was a lot of fun, until Mike caught a back edge and ended up on his head. We ended our day in the new Raven's Hut lodge while Mike got his wits back. Thank goodness for helmets.

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