January 7, 2012

Christmas to New Years, and everything in between

After scrambling to finish making all our Christmas presents (more posts to come), Mike and I escaped for 10 days to Bow, WA, to my mother's house on the mouth of the Samish River. Though not a winter wonderland, the land is truly wonderful.


Our vacation was bracketed by Christmas and New Years, with Aidan's 9th Birthday Party in the middle (future posts). During that time ...

... we walked to the bakery,

we cuddled with Freya,

we ate copious amounts of food (including, but not limited to: fresh bread from BreadFarm, raclette, soup, soup, and more soup, an Umbrian grape & sausage dish, lasagna, pulled pork, cookies, pie, caramels and chocolate corn chips),

 we played Mexican train dominoes and our new favorite word-guessing game,

we visited Clayton's new boat, still in fabrication,

we went skiing at Mount Baker,

we celebrated Aidan's 9th birthday with a Carnival Party,

we rang in the New Year at Susanna's,

and we just plain wore ourselves out.

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