January 9, 2012

Handmade Christmas: Shower Pocket


When Susanna visited at Thanksgiving she came up with a idea: she wanted a place to store her travel shampoo & conditioner bottles while in the shower, without having to leave them on the side of the tub. We brainstormed the Shower Pocket and when she left I set to work. It's basically two layers, and each layer is lined/double-sided using the same laminated cotton. I sewed the two layers together, and then divided the smaller layer in two by sewing down the middle. I added a little dimension to the first layer by cutting in the corners. I added two loops at the top to hang on suction cup hooks (stored in the pockets). Susanna can hang this in the shower and keep her travel-sized bottles of shampoo and conditioner handy.


When not hanging in the shower, the top portion (with the loops) folds over the bottles (which are kept in the pockets) and the entire thing folds in half vertically and is secured with a magnetic closure. This can be thrown in the suitcase or larger toiletry case and packed away. If the bottles leak, no problem, just rinse that laminated cotton off!


Update: It works!

1 comment:

U&Q... said...

This is very cool!!
Did you make a pattern for it? I was on a recent trip and would have loved this!
Please email me if you get this comment.

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