January 18, 2012

New Year's Eve

This year for New Year's Eve we were still visiting our family, so we got to attend Susanna and Clayton's annual party. It was a lovely affair; everybody brought food and drink (Susanna made some delicious pulled pork) and Susanna had craft activities for the kids (though, I couldn't help myself and I made a sock puppet too!).

Everybody brought a gift for the white elephant gift exchange, as well. Clayton ended up with some lovely Hello Kitty slippers:

Mike got a new t-shirt (I'll try not to be offended):

And Bobby got a new book:


The kids even had their own gift exchange, only they brought gifts that were less "white elephant" and more fun! The kids were all happy with their gifts, but there was one stand-out gift that everybody loved: a Rose Art Tattoo Writer (basically a pen that vibrates). Bobby doled out tattoo after tattoo after tattoo...


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