May 20, 2012

Barbapapa Mobile

Do you know the Barbapapa Family?

It's a French cartoon family, where each member changes shape to become whatever is needed in the situation. They are a peaceful and friendly family of seven; colorful and blob-like. My toddler friend, Lilly, introduced me to the cartoon dubbed in German (her mother's native language). Since Lilly just became a big sister, I made a Barbapapa mobile to introduce baby Dylan to his sister's obsession.

Imagine, if you will, that five members of the family decide to take flight among the clouds, becoming a balloon, airplane, bird, kite and butterfly.

Barbabright, the high-flying kite

Barbapapa, the big Balloon

Barbazoo the Bird and Barbalala the Butterfly

Barbabelle, the Aeroplane

Fluffy felt clouds under the rainbow ribbon

Each of the Barbapapas is needle felted from wool roving, while the clouds are handsewn flat felt around a ring.

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