May 9, 2012

Dotted Baby Kimono

 Here's another baby kimono, just like the one I made for my niece Freya at Christmas.

This one accompanied the pacifier clip and minky "lovie" that I made for my friend's baby girl, Avery, born last month. I wanted to make a lighter-weight kimono since this is a spring baby, but then I remembered that the pattern is oversized, and I figured that by the time it fits her Fall will be rolling around. So this one is a medium weight cotton lined with flannel. I love the dots paired with the coral! I used the same fabric to make a boxy pouch and a passport cover for christmas presents, and I still have a tiny bit leftover. I'll have to get my hands on some more, as there are several baby boys popping up in my life right now, and I think this fabric would work well for them - yay for gender neutral polka dots!

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