August 28, 2012

33, that's me

I turned 33 last week. Hard to believe since I still get carded when I buy beer, have skin like a 17-year old, and really, really enjoy toy stores.

I took the day off work to celebrate, and spent the day sewing a green Washi Dress; an activity that I had been looking forward to all summer. 

I managed to "finish" it only 15 minutes after Mike came home and told me it was time to leave for dinner. I still have lots of further tweaking and comments on the dress, which I'll save for a future post.

My dinner date

Mike took me out to dinner at Toro Bravo (my favorite) and for dessert at Papa Haydn (my second favorite), where I got to partake in Cassata Cake and macarons.

We continued the birthday celebration this last weekend with a trip up to Mom and Mark's house. On Friday we spent a glorious afternoon on the boat tooling around the islands, trying some fishing off Cypress Island and grabbing dinner on Orcas Island.

We kicked it off with chilled Bud Light & Clamato Cocktails

Captain Mark

Saturday morning we got to see Aidan's first football game of the season (they won!)


And that evening we took to the water again for a pre-dinner kayak paddle off the dock.



We ended the evening with dinner around the campfire.

I feel blessed.

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The Mighty RandR said...

Happy birthday Abby! Looks like a wonderful week of celebrating. Love the dress :)

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