August 25, 2012

Sara's Birthday Top

When Sara visited in July she saw the Amy Butler Long Top that I had made and requested one for herself. Since her birthday was this week I was happy to oblige (who am I kidding, I would have made one for her even if it wasn't her birthday - any excuse to sew!)

She picked out some fabric from the Mill End store - the perfect color for her - black and white.

I was a little nervous that the fabric would be too heavy, but it was actually perfect for the pattern. It's a loose weave and has great drape - much better than the cotton I used for mine.

I had to use a different fabric for the lining because a I made a wee mistake when cutting out the pieces. The result was that I didn't have enough fabric, and the back pieces had to be sewn together from 4 pieces instead of 2. However, it all matches up, and Sara would probably never know if I hadn't just announced it. I made a few changes from the first version:

1) skipped the pleat detail on the straps because I don't think it adds anything and they're a bitch to match up.

2) the facing is really short at the bottom of the armhole opening and I hate how it flips up on my shirt. So I ended up top sewing around the armholes as well. If I remember in future attempts, I'll make the facing longer.

Sara's 37 weeks pregnant, so I didn't think the top would fit her for a few more weeks. I was wrong!

Happy Birthday Sara!

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