December 3, 2012

Scout Tee: Blue Plaid

Thanks to the rain that has finally arrived in Oregon I haven’t been able to photograph my projects for the last couple of months. Last weekend I dragged my sewing projects over to a lit corner of my bedroom (thank goodness for skylights) and did a marathon photo session.

In October I posed about my Gray Floral Scout Tee - this was actually my second attempt at this pattern. Before that was this Blue Plaid Scout Tee from September.

What blue plaid scout tee? The one buried under the cardigan and scarf?

That's the one. I'm showing it this way because this is the way I wear it - as a layering piece.
Because it's pretty darn boring on it's own.

It's also too short and too wide.

I didn’t deviate from the pattern here except with the slight gather along the neckline. Since this was my first attempt at the pattern I didn’t yet know that the shoulders were too wide for me so this was my attempt to fix it. I actually ended up liking the fix so I used it purposefully on my second go-round on the Gray Floral. On the floral version I remembered to add another two inches to the length as well.

I chose this plaid fabric from the remnant bin at Bolt last Spring (?) maybe. I was drawn to the color, and it was before I discovered what a pain matching plaid can be. Luckily matching with this pattern wasn't much of a concern since there was only one front piece, and I didn't even try to match the plaid on the bias tape because there was no possibility of that happening.

I think this pattern has promise, but I needed to change it up a lot to work with my body type and personal style. I think my second version was much better than this one, so at least I'm learning from my experience!

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