December 12, 2012

Wiksten Tova: Flannel Dots

Another sewing project from October - version 4 of the Wiksten Tova.

This one is nearly identical in construction to the Plaid Tova, except that I made it a bit longer and shortened the sleeves. When I wore the Plaid Tova I caught myself constantly pushing the sleeves up above my elbows; this time I just started there and I'm pretty happy with their length.

I spent a lot of time searching online for a dark gray flannel with small white dots - no luck. I found gray flannel with dots, but the dots were too large, and I found the perfect size dots but not combined with gray flannel. I finally settled on the latter and bought this "stone" flannel with white dots from

I admit that I like the low contrast between the dots and the background, and the flannel is quite cozy, but I didn't count on the color washing out my skin tone. It would be a fine color for summer when I have more of a tan, but I'm not in the habit of wearing flannel in the summer. Unless I find a scarf to wear with this, I may just end up dyeing it a charcoal gray. And while it is cozy, I can't help but feel that I'm wearing my pajamas out in public...

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