December 17, 2012

A Green Washi, again

Finally! After months of never being able to photograph this dress, there was just enough light in our bedroom a couple of weekends ago to capture it.

This is the Washi Dress that I made in September, to replace the Washi Dress that I made in August, which was subsequently turned into a Washi Tunic.

I made the original dress on my birthday in August because I had been waiting all summer for the Washi pattern to be released and I really, really wanted a green dress. As you may recall my fabric choice for that dress was horrible and I was just one wrinkly mess. For my birthday I got a serger and a book on sewing with knits, so I decided to try Washi Round 2 with some deep mint green knit from the Mill End store ($4 a yard). I figured the fabric price was right, the color was right, and it would be an excellent test case for learning to sew with knits. And amazingly, it worked out!

I omitted the U-shape in the neckline because I wasn't sure how it was going to work with this fabric. I really like that design element though, but I need to adjust the fit so that it's not quite so low on me. I followed the pattern for the elastic back, but I changed up the hem a little. I thought the dress was a little short, so I added a band on the bottom with the fabric running the other direction. As a result it has a different sheen to it that I quite like.

Elastic Back

Hem Band

 I added a few lines of topstitching to the hem, waist, sleeves and neckline for a subtle added interest. After a few washings, however, some of those lines have snapped, so I need to come up with a fix. Luckily I have until next summer before I can wear this again...



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