February 6, 2013

Planning for the Future: Sewing Projects, that is

Well, I am a project manager by trade, so occasionally I try to apply those skills to my personal projects. Most of the time I see a pattern I like, or fabric, and I drop everything to make it. I get a bit obsessed actually. But when I happen to acquire several patterns and yards of fabric at once, I get a tad overwhelmed and I must plan to stay sane.

Thanks to my recent purchases from Joanns, Mill End and Fabric.com, I now have 6 new cuts of knit fabric in my stash.

The Teal Striped fabric is very drapey and heavy, so I'm thinking a wrap dress would work.

The Charcoal Ponte would be perfect for a tunic. It's thick and doesn't wrinkle. I wish I had more of this because it's the perfect fabric for my lifestyle.

The Purple Space-Dyed is very thin and I got it specifically to make leggings.

The Black Ripply was too cool to pass up (plus it was on clearance). It's got medium stretch and I think it would also make a cool pair of leggings. Especially to go with the Charcoal tunic.

The Gray & Pink is a light-weight sweatshirt french terry. The inside is bubblegum pink! This will be used for a gift.

The Brown Sweater knit is thin and drapey. I have a lot of it, so I thought I'd try a couple different cardigan styles. I'm thinking of drafting some patterns off some of my favorite sweaters.
In addition to the fabric, I picked up a few new patterns as well. And I've already put a couple to good use:

I've been wanting the Minoru for a long time. It looks perfectly my style. I've been hesitant to start because it doesn't look like a quick project and I know I'll have to create a muslin first - which is not appealing. I keep seeing great fabrics for this jacket at Rose City Textiles, so at some point I'll bite the bullet and start the project.
 For a more instantly-gratifying project, I also picked up the Renfrew pattern. I've already made three! I'll be sharing them soon.
 I got this one at Joanns on sale for $1.99. This will be my first "non-independent" pattern. I got it because I'd like to make Mike something and this is the only handmade thing that I think he'll wear.

I saw a few bloggers recently make this dress so I slapped down the $13 for the digital pattern from Craftsy. I made a version of this last weekend and I've got quite a few comments on it...

I feel better now that I've planned. I'll be curious to see if the projects actualize correctly.

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