December 22, 2008

Holiday Gifts: project completed

This year I found two great ideas that I thought would work for christmas gifts. The first idea, Mini-Pies, came from browsing on the Not Martha blog, under her "how to make stuff" page. She credits others as well for this idea, so who knows where it originated, but it's a great idea, and since I do love all things miniature, I had to give it a shot.

I went with Blueberry, Cherry, Apple and Pumpkin, and decided to use the 8 oz wide-mouth jars instead of the 4 oz. Since I'm not a pie maker, I thought the larger size would be easier to use. It also allows for a bigger serving, which as an avid dessert-eater, seemed like the right decision. I froze them right after making them, and gifted them frozen with instructions on how to bake.

We taste-tested a few and they worked well for us... hope they also turned out well for our friends who received them!

The second idea came from multiple sources. Since there are many people in my life who enjoy sewing, when I came across these pin cushions at Cut+Paste, I thought they'd make a great gift. However, when my sister Susanna bought me a Sew Simple magazine that she found in the grocery check-out aisle, I figured out how I was going to make them. The reason she bought me the magazine in the first place had nothing to do with the pin cushions, since she had no idea I was headed in that direction, but everything to do with the cover photo of the polymer clay pinheads, made by Pinks & Needles. She knew that I was making mini-food out of clay, so thought this would be a good practical use for them. It was a lot more difficult to get the pieces to work on the end of a pin, but I embraced the challenge and managed to make it work!

1 comment:

Wendy said...

Your pies are adorable! You had a lot better luck with your lattices than I did when I tried them the other day. Mine were pretty stinky, honestly.

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