December 13, 2008


Last night was our office holiday party. Since we're a firm of five, that means we get to be creative with our "party" planning (we're also a design firm, which means we're paid to be creative). This year we had dinner in the lobby of the Hotel Deluxe (formerly the Mallory Hotel); very cozy, great food and wonderful ambience - particularly this time of year when the place is buzzing with party-goers.
We then walked the block to the Artist's Repertory Theatre to see "Holidazed" - a collaboration between writers Marc Acito and C.S. Whitcomb. It was great! It was full of characters, several of which were children, which made me a little nervous because it increases the chances that there will be some bad acting - but all in all it was done very well, and of course, the writing was hilarious. I think it's running through the 28th - highly recommended for a holiday outing.

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