December 11, 2008

Clay Doughnut, Anyone? Anyone?

In between work, gym, sleep & life, I have been trying to finish making my christmas gifts. I keep changing direction, so the first one I made is going to be different from the last one, but I keep coming up with new ideas that really excite me. I also take breaks to try something new, like the bird ornament from spool sewing that Rebecca recently posted the pattern for.
I've also been working with my polymer clay for some of the gifts, using my "baked goods" from last summer as inspiration.

I've got a whole other project in mind for these little treats, but it'll have to be an after-christmas kinda project.

1 comment:

The Mighty RandR said...

Wowza! That's amazing, girl! How do you do it? The leafy lettuce looks!

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