September 27, 2012

Kiss Me Dirty & the Down There Divas

Last Saturday I participated in the Kiss Me Dirty 5k Mud Run with my friend Anja and 7 other lovely ladies from her work. The event was a fundraiser for ovarian cancer, and was open to women only. The nine of us comprised the team Down There Divas!

We were sponsored by Acme Scenic and Display, and they generously contributed our t-shirts, tutus and socks.

While these types of events are pretty commonplace, this event was significant to me because I  have never run 5k before. In fact, the last time I even ran was 18 years ago in high school soccer. I will walk, lift weights, bike, zumba and use the elliptical machine, but running for anything other than to save myself is just not my thing. Until Saturday. When I ran. And while I was not particularly fast, I did manage to cross that finish line!

There were 6 obstacles along the course, and I was quite grateful for them since they afforded me a chance to stop running and catch my breath. The obstacles varied, but they generally involved water, mud, ropes and tires, and contributed to our looking like ragamuffins at the finish.

I felt great at the finish, although tired. Apparently the water hoses weren't working so we couldn't rinse off. Needless to say we didn't hang around for long. I was quite happy that the racecourse was only 8 miles from home and a long hot shower.

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