September 5, 2012

Setting myself up for a busy winter

For my birthday last month I got lots of sewing related gifts. In addition to gift certificates for fabric, I also got three new books. The first, from Mom, is the Stylish Dress Book:

I have two other Japanese sewing books, that I've used with moderate success. As I've mentioned before, I don't really have the same body type as these pattern models. That said, I think this book has a lot of potential, and with a few modifications I'm really excited about several patterns.

Particularly the shirt above. It's very similar to the Wiksten Tova, and it looks incredibly comfy. I think this would be a nice layering piece this winter.

I think this black dress has some potential too. I like almost everything about it, except for the fabric. I'm not really a satin person.

 The two dresses above are very similar (though they are each considered to be 1 of the 26 available patterns). I don't like these in their entirety, but I think if I omitted the sleeves on the right one and maybe used a solid for the left one, that I could end up liking these dresses a lot.

Using a gift certificate from my Pa, I bought Sew U Home Stretch by Built By Wendy.
Why do I need this book?

Because Mike got me a serger!

I wear a great deal of knit clothes, and I'm so ready to be able to make my own. Susanna even started me off with some serger thread in my favorite colors.

I'm most excited about being able to make myself a raglan-sleeved baseball shirt.

But I have had a boatneck striped shirt on my list for a long, long time.

And I love the idea of making my own sweatshirts. Mike has already put in a request for a few zip up hoodies.


A zip up terry-cloth robe would be handy for the hot tub.

And this is strikingly similar to a dress I have in gray right now. I wouldn't mind a purple one...

Sara sent me this sweet sewing book. I was surprised that she didn't bookmark a few pages with requests for her soon-to-arrive-any-day-now baby!

 I can easily imagine my niece Freya in this get-up. We call her the little wood fairy.

Who can I make this for? Because I want to make this.

 These don't really need a pattern, but they are very cute. I might just make these for my shelf.

I don't know any kids who will keep a hat on, but if I come across one, they are surely going to get a bucket hat.

Mom also got me this fun Simplicity Pattern. It reminds me of the fruit & veggies that I made for Lilly last year. These can be made on the sewing machine though, so I think they would be faster to whip up than the handsewn ones. I think the cupcakes would be fun because I could probably spend hours coming up with different decoration options. Or perhaps I could make all the decorations with velcro on them; ensuring hours of decorating fun!


Last, but certainly not least, Mom got me this DVD on soldering jewelry. She thought this would be a good next step to the soldering class that Susanna and I took last Spring and I couldn't agree more. I'm saving it for a nice winter craft break.

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