September 27, 2013

Portland Baby Shower

The second weekend of September brought about our 2nd Baby Shower!

Since we live in Portland, and our friends here couldn't really travel up to Washington the weekend before, Remi and Andrew graciously offered to throw us a backyard afternoon party - and managed to schedule it on the very last day of beautiful weather before the rain set in.

Trevor, Ryan, Mike and Fereidoon enjoy the food and beer

Looking, and feeling, 34 + weeks pregnant

Most of our friends here have children under the age of 4, and it was a ton of fun to see them all running around the yard and interacting with each other. It made Mike and me happy to know that our kiddo will be joining the fray soon.

Andrew attempts to corral the kiddos

The food and company were fabulous and everybody was more than generous with gifts. Now I have to buckle down and get all those "thank you" notes out!

Freya is very excited to meet her new baby boy cousin

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