September 30, 2013

Stretching 2 yards of Stretch Terry

Yesterday I got a little sewing mojo back and brought out both my sewing machine and my serger to complete a few projects on my list. On Saturday I ventured down to the Mill End store to pick up terry cloth with the goal of making washcloths and towels for the baby, and I ended up scoring a great deal on 2+ yards of turquoise cotton stretch terry in the mill end section.

The stretch terry is super soft, and I wanted a slightly rougher fabric for the flip side in case the baby has cradle cap, so I also picked up a half yard of plain white cotton terry cloth that was slightly rougher. I kept it simple by tracing a rounded corner rectangle onto the fabric and then serged the two fabrics wrong sides together: quick and easy!

I also wanted a couple of dedicated baby towels, so I doubled up on the stretch terry, once again serging the edges together to create 2 baby-sized towels.

And since I still had some terry cloth left, I decided to make a couple of "kerchief drool bibs".

I have a friend who's baby drooled so much while teething that she just kept a bib on him at all times to help protect his clothes from being wet all the time. This seemed to work well, but I'm not a big fan of the look of bibs, so when I saw one of these "kerchief bibs" in a photo of a friend's teething baby I figured it was a much more stylish alternative.  Each bib is essentially two triangles sewn together and secured at the back with velcro. I could have used snaps, but I'm hoping the velcro will ensure that they will fit regardless of how pudgy his neck is.

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