January 28, 2013

Dancin' Socks

How cute is that girl? Try to look away from those pretty eyes and focus on her feet.

Over our Christmas holiday Sara mentioned that Elle could use some socks that will stay on her feet. Elle takes after her auntie and loves to dance. Since she can't stand up yet, she has to make do with "air dancing", which looks a whole lot like rubbing her feet together. As a result the majority of her store-bought socks eventually fall off. She has one pair of long white socks that seem to stay put, so using that pair for a size gauge I adapted this crochet pattern and whipped up a pair of baby socks. We got the yarn from a local yarn shop in downtown Mount Vernon - I can't recall the brand but it has some elastic in it making it perfect for socks. They are a little long in the foot, but they go up to just below her knees, so hopefully they'll hold up to her dancing feet!

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