January 30, 2013


Last fall I made my my third Scout tee (1 and 2 are here). This time I did deviate from the pattern – so much so that it’s not really a scout tee anymore. It’s a franken – tee.
The first and obvious deviation is that I used knit fabric. This was only my second attempt at sewing with knits (the Washi Dress #2 was the first). At the time I didn't have any patterns for knit garments (I've since loaded up), so I thought I'd adapt what I had.

I used the front and back pieces of the Scout, but I narrowed everything significantly because of the stretch. Then I cut a keyhole in the front piece by matching an existing RTW shirt. Lastly I used the pattern for the sleeves from the Washi Dress in order to give it a little more character. I love how the keyhole and the sleeves turned out, but I hate, hate, hate how short the shirt is. I only had a yard of fabric so I had to skimp on the length - lesson learned - never buy only a yard of fabric. I've been checking in at the Mill End store to see if they get any of this back in stock. If so, I have a plan for adding some length. If not, I may turn the hem into a hi-lo and layer it over a tank top.

In addition to learning to sew with knits and adapt patterns, this was also my first attempt at attaching bias tape the right way. I reviewed Dana’s tutorial and decided to give it a shot. In general it worked – the inside is a little rough, but I’m guessing that’s to be expected and at least the front looks good. I just cut off a couple stripes from the leftover fabric for the bias tape. I'd like to add the keyhole feature to some future shirts - I think it's a nice detail.

Not my most successful project, but I think it's wearable. At least under a cardigan.

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