January 10, 2013

A "Just A Jar" Mosaic

Remember way back in February 2012 when Mike and I took a Mosaics class through PCC and I made this mosaic?

Well, this is what Mike was working on - and managed to finish on Christmas day in time* to gift it to our brother-in-law Bobby.

The image was taken from one of Bobby's own pieces of artwork ; one that Mike and I both really like. 

When Mike decided to make a mosaic he knew right away that he wanted to render one of Bobby's pieces as a gift for him - the trick was deciding which one. We thought it'd be done in time for his 30th birthday last Spring, but Christmas is good too!

This piece is much larger than mine, about 4 times as large. It's "mosaiced" directly onto a plywood backer, and framed with Cherry. It's all set up to hang on the wall or made into a tabletop.
I think it turned out beautifully, and the really wonderful thing is that Mike is proud of his work - which is a rare thing for him!

*by this I mean he gave it to Bobby about 4 hours after we finished opening gifts.

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