January 17, 2013

Mushroom Mobile

Ever since I started making baby mobiles 3 years ago, Susanna has asked me to make her one. Since my nephew is 10-years-old, and Susanna has emphatically informed me that she will not be having another baby, I have always put her off because I've been so busy making mobiles for all of the newborns.

This year for Christmas I decided to make far fewer gifts than last year, and to focus on making a few special gifts. In addition to Elle's quilt, I put a lot of attention into finally making a mobile for Susanna. 

When I visited her last October for a craft weekend I came home with several liquor bottle corks courtesy of her friend, Amy, and some inspiration from a craft magazine that Susanna had purchased.

awesome liquor bottle cork

See where I'm going with this?

Using acrylic paint, I put several coats on the corks and finished the tops with a satin coat.

The gnomes are made from wool roving, wool felt, pipe cleaners and embroidery thread.

The mushrooms are suspended from a ring, which has been covered with Paperclay and painted.

The stumps are also paperclay, and there are two air plants (tillandsia) resting along the ring.

Add some ribbon, woven cord and rubber bugs, and you've got a mobile fit for a 35-year-old woman!

1 comment:

Kathie Jones said...

This is absolutely adorable and a fabulous idea. I love the addition of the air plants.

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